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What am I doing now?

Nothing exciting! Sorry.

I am going to a therapy program 5 days a week (though I'm going to switch programs soon) (yeah remember how I said teaching is hard? PTSD. Seriously).

I am looking for a job in the foster care system, and getting my shit together to apply for grad school.

I am RPing over at superhero-high. That part is fun. I play a loud dude named Thor, a quiet angsty girl named Starfire and Jen Walters aka She-Hulk, who has somehow become my role model. Highly recommended!

I am also crafting. I recently finally bought my own sewing machine, and I've taken up knitting as well (I'm knitting a Game of Thrones- themed scarf at the moment). Also trying to reread the last two books, because I've apparently forgotten 70% of what happens in them. Damn.

So, that's pretty much it, besides also smoking too much weed ;P How is everybody else doing?


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Jul. 19th, 2012 10:07 pm (UTC)
OMG HEYYYYY! :DDDD It's been too long! *hug* Allie told me you were working on some farm thing at some point? How was that?

Good luck with the job hunt, I am just finishing up grad school (basically one week left!) and entering the joys of unemployment and job hunting too...and what do you want to study, grad school wise? Good luck with that too!

I just finished reading GoT the other day, though I had seen the first two seasons...what do you think of the show, if you've seen it? And oooh intriguing, what makes it a GoT scarf?
Jul. 19th, 2012 10:16 pm (UTC)
Lol, hello!

Yes, I had an internship at a farm in Oregon that rescues animals (sanctuaryone.org if you're interested to learn more); that finished up about a two months ago, then I adopted a cat and roadtripped with her back across the US to my homestate, PA. I should make a post about her! Her name is Samwise Kitty and she's just about the most mischievous cat I've ever seen. But she's also awesome and adorable so I basically forgive her.

Thanks :P I'd like to go for two degrees, one in nonprofit building/management and another in something like media criticism. I hope to start my own nonprofit, which would be a foster home that is also an animal shelter and a working farm. Allie is interested too, in the future. Have you already told me what you went to school for? Feel like telling me again? :D

I do enjoy the TV show, though of course they have to leave out tons of stuff (and add in more boobs... naturally). My scarf is blue and red, the colors of house Tully, and will have their words knit into it. I'm hoping to make more for other houses, too. How do you think the show compares to the books?

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Jul. 20th, 2012 01:56 am (UTC)
Samwise Kitty, love it! :D Do post about her, I want to see some pictures! What kind of kitty is she?

Wow, TWO degrees?! O_o I guess the second one would be for fun? I'm kind of happy to be almost done with my one Masters, I'm hoping this is the last time I am ever in school...I am in school for Museum Education, and looking for work in museums around the DC area in that field (aka not curating but the part of museums that's working with the public, doing educational programs and curriculums and being the advocate for the visitor at the museum). Prospects atm aren't looking good though. And wow, your plan is ambitious but sounds really great! So the foster kids would work with the animals at the shelter and on the farm? Where were you thinking of setting this up?

Oh so you are a Tully fan then? :) And yeah, I said some thoughts on this in the post I linked above, but basically I think for the most part the TV show does a good job, aside from the gratuitous boobage and sexposition scenes with Roz. I like a lot of the added scenes in s1 like with Cersei and Robert (we get a better look in her head in the show for this stage) and Renly/Loras, etc, and find Dany/Drogo more romantic/shippable on the show. Season 2 it sounds like had a lot more flaws in transition, though as a non-reader I found s2 a lot more engaging for the most part, at least initially, than I did season 1, which was very slow and boring to me until the very end. I do like the way they made Arya the cupbearer to Tywin on the show, I found that to be the most interesting storyline of the season, and way more exciting than how they did that part in the books.

But yeah, I picture all the characters from the show while reading, so...btw have you seen these hilarious videos, speaking of GoT?

Sequel vid for s2

Jul. 21st, 2012 04:23 pm (UTC)
Ahaha I love those videos. Awesome.

Well the thing is until I feel like I have some experience and contacts I'd like to have a different job, and I decided the one I would like best is something with a media watchdog group or anti-right wing propaganda group like Media Matters. Either that or with an animal-rights watchdog group like the Humane Farming Association. Considering how many careers I've considered before finally narrowing it down to these two, I'm pretty okay with it. I'm hoping to get them at the same time, because that sounds way more fun than one and then the other.

I agree actually, some of my favorite scenes were the added ones between Robert and Cersei (she's generally more sympathetic in the show than the books, it seems like) and the stuff with Arya being Tywin's cupbearer. I totally didn't like the Dany/Drogo stuff though, because one of the few things I remembered very distinctly from the book is that Drogo doesn't want to rape her, he waits until she gives her consent for sex. I think they would've been much better served leaving that in. They also made Littlefinger much more straight-up evil on the show, I think.
Jul. 24th, 2012 01:34 am (UTC)
Ooh it sounds like you have a good plan, I hope that works out for you!

I totally didn't like the Dany/Drogo stuff though, because one of the few things I remembered very distinctly from the book is that Drogo doesn't want to rape her, he waits until she gives her consent for sex. I think they would've been much better served leaving that in.

Except that after the first time they had sex on their wedding night, he does basically rape her every night...so to me it's better (or more logical) to have him start by doing that and then not do it, then have him be considerate and then totally regress...plus they actually had more sex scenes it seemed in the book whereas some of them were changed to doing other things on the show.
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