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Orpheus (an Angel: the Series fanfic)

Fandom: Angel: the Series, with a bonus Supernatural crossover epilogue

Length: ~7500 words

Rating: R

Warnings: sex scene involving a minor (17 year old), creepy Cordelia/Connor scene, blatant wish fulfilment

Pairing: Faith/Connor (yeah I know I know, whatever dammit)

Secondary Pairings: Angel/Cordelia, Wesley/Illyria

Summary: This was a s4 Connor/Faith oneshot that turned into a complete AtS fix-fic. Cordy wakes up. Connor wises up. Faith stays just as lovably psychotic as always... mostly. Takes us through s5 and a teensy bit into the future. Not compatible with comic-book Angel s6.

Sorry for the formatting! LJ does not understand what spacing means so I can never ever edit it again.


Part One

Part Two

Hope you enjoy!

What am I doing now?

Nothing exciting! Sorry.

I am going to a therapy program 5 days a week (though I'm going to switch programs soon) (yeah remember how I said teaching is hard? PTSD. Seriously).

I am looking for a job in the foster care system, and getting my shit together to apply for grad school.

I am RPing over at superhero-high. That part is fun. I play a loud dude named Thor, a quiet angsty girl named Starfire and Jen Walters aka She-Hulk, who has somehow become my role model. Highly recommended!

I am also crafting. I recently finally bought my own sewing machine, and I've taken up knitting as well (I'm knitting a Game of Thrones- themed scarf at the moment). Also trying to reread the last two books, because I've apparently forgotten 70% of what happens in them. Damn.

So, that's pretty much it, besides also smoking too much weed ;P How is everybody else doing?
Hello all!

Contrary to what I expected, I have not rejoined Occupy but instead am now interning at Sanctuary One, a therapeutic "care farm" that rescues dogs, cats and farm animals and hosts many visits and activities. I recommend it to everyone! Just don't show up all at once ;D Comments and conversation welcome. Now -- fic! I actually have an Angel: the Series fanfic nearly completed, but for now here's a recent little something about the show Community (also recommended to everyone). It includes many jokes about Inspector Spacetime, the Community homage to Doctor Who, because a significant portion of us nearly wet our pants in delight when they made that joke and it shall never die.

And Now Back to You Mr. Barnes

Summary: Everybody is reading way too much into Troy and Abed's student film projects. Yeesh.
Pairing: Troy/Abed
Rating: PG
Length: ~2500 words

“This is seriously not a big deal,” Troy explains patiently. “It's all a legitimate part of our shenanigans, and I think that should be obvious.”Collapse )


Brief Life Update

Hello all! What have I been doing this past month, month and a half? Occupying Wall Street. If you're interested in my experiences, you can read a snapshot of them here. Since posting that, I spent more time at Zuccotti Park, was arrested in the raid, went to the Nov17th rallies at Union Square and Foley Square, and came back home for Thanksgiving with the family. After this I'll either return to NYC or head down to Occupy DC.

Just as on reddit, I invite any questions or concerns about Occupy, whether about my experiences, my motivations/grievances, or the people and culture I encountered. The only thing I can't answer is specifics about my actions last Monday night (though I was not doing anything the whole group wasn't doing) since my case is still pending -- I'll just answer in general terms.

Not All Who Wander: New Fic!

Fandoms: X-men First Class, Doctor Who

Length: ~13,500 words

Rating: Pretty tame (sorry!)

Ships: Charles/Erik, some Raven/Moira

Beta: By the lovely lost_in_dreamz, who was a total cheerleader and probably the only reason I was motivated enough to finish this, and by my brother, who emailed me a list of suggested revisions and when I asked "so, did you like it?" shrugged and said "sure."

Summary: Awhile ago on an X-Men fic meme I wrote my shortest-ever fanfic. Here it is:

"This," Charles proclaims, "explains so much!"

Grinning like a madman, he hands Erik the pocketwatch.

Anyway, the gods like their jokes, and it is now the single longest fic I have ever written. And I'm pretty pleased with it, if I do say so. TL;DR: Charles wakes up one morning and realizes he is actually the Eleventh Doctor.

(...oh, and, uh. For purposes of this fic, Angel doesn't exist. Sorry. I would've had to give her a whole other plotline, and... no.)

Not All Who Wander

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3